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Glee Club Series

Murder For Choir

Paige Marshall has worked hard to become the next opera sensation, only the big break she’s been dreaming of still hasn’t come. With bills to pay, she moves into her aunt’s house in the northern suburbs of Chicago and takes a job as a vocal coach and show choir instructor at Prospect Glen High School. After all, she’s sung at the Lyric Opera. How hard can coaching show choir be? After two days of teaching at the end of summer annual show choir camp, Paige decides coaching show choir is hell. The students don’t trust a classical singer to lead them to victory and the other coaches treat her like an unwelcome outsider. But when Paige finds a rival director strangled with a microphone cord and one of her students comes under suspicion she realizes she has one choice: to give the performance of a lifetime and track down the real killer before the killer strikes again.

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End Me A Tenor

It’s Christmas time in Prospect Glen, which means the Music in Motion show choir is gearing up for the Winter Wonderland Concert. Paige is trying to juggle preparation for the high school concert with rehearsals for her own performance – singing the soprano role a high profile version of The Sing Along Messiah. When the lead tenor of The Messiah keels over dead, the director is arrested and the show is on the verge of being canceled. With her career in jeopardy, Paige has no choice but to turn sleuth again and with the help of a few of her meddlesome students, find the killer before the curtain comes down on them all.

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A Chorus Lineup

Paige Marshall is back in the spotlight in Joelle Charbonneau’s newest Glee Club Mystery. This time the high school show choir coach is fighting to keep her singers in a national competition despite charges of sabotage….

They have the talent. They have the heart. Nothing can stop Prospect Glen’s choir from taking home the trophy in the Show Choir National Competition. But below the soaring voices, there are murmurs of suspicion. So-called accidents keep befalling the other choirs. Yet Prospect Glen remains untouched.

With their competitors clamoring for them to be disqualified, the group may soon be singing a different tune. If there’s anyone who can restore harmony to the competition, it’s Paige. But this time she’ll needs to stick her neck out to discover who’s behind the sabotage, or she may end up singing her own swan song….

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