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School Visits

To arrange a school or library visit for 2019-2020, please contact Joelle, her publicist Deb Shapiro, or Joelle’s assistant (and fabulous mother), Jaci Charbonneau.

Joelle loves talking to students of all ages and is thrilled to waive her $1,750-per-day fee for schools that purchase 250 copies of any of her YA books. (Copies of VERIFY can be pre-ordered and will ship on Sept. 24th, 2019.) For school visits, books can be purchased at a discount from Anderson’s Bookshop. Any order of over 100 copies of a single title will be discounted at 40%. (Contact them at or call 630-820-0089.) You can also purchase books through your favorite local bookstore. Joelle also asks that schools cover reasonable transportation costs and, if out of the Chicagoland area, lodging costs.

Joelle is also happy to Skype with students.  So please contact her if you’d like to ask about Skyping.  Skype sessions up to 45 minutes are free and always work best when students have read at least one of the books and are ready with questions.

What does an author visit entail?

Well, a lot of that is up to you.  Joelle loves talking to large groups or to smaller classes of students.  Depending on the format, the visit can be customized to what will best benefit the students.

For larger groups, Joelle discusses her writing journey.  As a former professional stage performer, she discusses how what you think you are going to do with your life isn’t always what ends up happening and that those classes you thought were useless in school often become some of the most important things you use in your future. 

Also discussed are things like:

  • Writer’s block – does it exist and how you get through it

  • How every writer is unique

  • Why conflict is awesome and makes a story better

  • World building and how each author can take the same story and turn it into something totally different using their own personal world building rules

  • Rejection – how to deal with people saying “no” and keeping your dream alive through it all

Writer workshops are also available on:

  • Rejection Bootcamp – Learning how NO isn’t always about you. As a former professional stage performer, Joelle gives you the lowdown on how to cope with rejection in all areas of your life and tells you why that dreaded word NO shouldn’t get you down. Everyone gets rejected. How you deal with it determines whether you’ll keep trying to pursue your dreams. (And you should!)

  • World Building 101 – Learn the rules of playing God with your own story and see how every author can start with the same characters and turn them into something unique.

  • Editing, Revision and Rewriting – Oh My! – Why revisions are important to writers in all stages of their career and how to look at revising your work as something exciting instead of as a drag.

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